5 Most Unique Types of Raw and Natural Honey in the World

Did you know that there are over 300 different kinds of honey, each with its distinct flavour and health benefits? Honey is classified as either raw or processed. Raw and natural honey is considered purer than processed honey, which is heated and bottled in a factory, losing vitamins, minerals, and other key ingredients.

Because honey plants foraged by bees are scarce, several kinds of honey are unusual. Others are uncommon due to their difficulty in harvesting. On the other hand, bees that feed on specific plants produce honey with truly distinct flavours.

So, here are five of the most uncommon kinds of honey we think you should taste!

Baobab Honey

This honey is gathered near the Senegalese border in Mali's Kayes region. This honey is exceptional since it efficiently combats gastrointestinal issues such as intestinal irritation. The aroma and flavour of this dark amber honey are distinctive. 

Fibre and vitamin C, which are important for immune system strength, help our bodies produce and maintain connective tissue. Some claim it also treats stretch marks and wrinkles and delays the ageing of the skin.

Honeydew Honey 

Honeydew honey is produced by insects that enjoy pecking at the delicate portions of flowers and plants. Ants and aphids, for example, or mealybugs that feed on the sap of the latter, are examples of these insects.

Bees eat honeydew, the famed delicious fluid that insects expel after penetrating particular delicate parts of plants, to make honeydew honey. The bees collect these remnants in this manner and utilise them gradually. 

Honeybees are more likely to collect honeydew in the mornings or nights since the liquid evaporates quickly. Because bees regard the material as nectar, it is frequently combined with nectar from flowers. As a result, it is barely discernible in the finished honey.

Darker, stronger-flavoured, less acidic, and less sweet than flowery honey, this honey is generally darker. It is highly valued in Europe and New Zealand, with high pricing.

Litchi Honey

Lychee is an energetic fruit since it is high in dietary fibre, protein, proanthocyanidins, and polyphenolic substances. The Litchi is a beautiful tree that grows up to 12 metres tall and is native to China and Vietnam. It's also common on the island of Reunion and in Madagascar. Use this honey to prevent your skin from acne and irritation. In cases of high blood pressure, it is also good to increase circulation and lower blood pressure.

Pitcairn Honey

The Pitcairn Islands, commonly known as British Polynesia, are a collection of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is the world's least populous national jurisdiction. Pitcairn boasts one of the world's most disease-free bee colonies, and the honey produced is of unusually high quality. 

The project's apicultural scientist discovered the Pitcairn bees were a particularly calm variety, and after a short time, he was able to operate with them with only minimal protection. Pitcairn honey is regarded as the world's rarest and purest honey.

The nectar from the Mango, Lata, Passionflower, Guava, and Rose apple blooms found in abundance on Pitcairn is responsible for the honey's rich and deep fruitiness.

Tupelo Honey

The tupelo gum tree, which grows abundantly along the Chipola and Apalachicola rivers in northwest Florida, produces tupelo honey. Tupelo honey has a unique flowery scent and is a light golden amber colour with a greenish tinge. The flavour is delectable, subtle, and unique. 

Tupelo honey that has not been combined with other kinds of honey will not granulate. This honey is a great syrup substitute!


There are around 300 different types of honey around the globe. Your intended use will determine the ideal honey for you. There are also some of the best Australian premium honey for tea available. If you want to improve your health, therapeutic Australian honey varieties are available. 

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