3 Sweet Reasons to Purchase Pure Australian Honey

Honey is a debated topic all around Australia, mostly due to the legal action taken against an incredibly popular honey brand. For that reason, you might be sitting at home wondering if you should opt for pure Australian honey or purchase some foreign brand. Sure, it makes sense to go local when it comes to buying perishable items. However, honey isn't exactly perishable, especially after knowing that honey excavated from the tombs of Egypt is still edible after about 3000 years. For that reason, any honey would do, right? Well, we'd say otherwise.

Should you choose locally-made pure Australian honey? Yes, you should! In fact, you should pick it over foreign brands. Here's why:

1. It Simply Tastes Better

If you're looking for the best-tasting honey you will ever find, go local! Australian honey is renowned worldwide for tasting amazing, and you will find it challenging to find better honey anywhere else.

That said, Australian honey is so good because the standards held in the honey industry are high. In fact, Australia has some of the highest standards in food production in the world, so much so that other countries are having Australia export their food products to them. Quality is the name of the game here, and high-quality pure Australian honey tastes fantastic.

2. It Is Good for Your Health

Apart from tasting better, pure Australian honey is also healthy for you. In fact, it is possibly healthier than other brands in foreign countries! There have been specific studies on Australian honey that suggest they're better. For example, studies have shown that Australian honey is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, contains various antioxidants, has a prebiotic effect, and can even be used to treat wounds.

Wouldn't it amuse you to know that the honey you have sitting in your pantry isn't only there to be eaten but can also be used to treat wounds? That's just how healthy and safe Australian honey is!

3. It Supports Local Communities

When you purchase pure Australian honey, you aren't only supporting the local producers who pour their heart and soul into producing some of the best honey in the world, but you are also supporting the local community! Did you know that beekeepers work with other farmers to maximise the honey being produced? For example, beekeepers will work closely with other farmers to produce high-quality fruits while still enjoying high-quality honey production because the bees get access to the right flowers!

If you are so passionate about supporting local communities, specifically farmers that bring food to your table, buy local!


There are just so many reasons to opt for pure Australian honey, and all of the above reasons we've shared are excellent reasons to go ahead and order a few bottles of pure Australian honey for your enjoyment. If you have never given pure Australian honey a go before, then we highly recommend that you do so! It is high-quality, healthy, and delicious, all three characteristics you want out of your honey. That being said, make sure to do a little research on the sellers you want to purchase from. Make sure they're offering pure Australian honey and focus on taste, quality, and trust, ensuring the honey you buy will not disappoint!

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