Medicinal Honey Spotlight: The Benefits of Jarrah Honey

There are many kinds of food that also contain nutritional benefits. One perfect example is honey. Honey is a naturally sweet substance, and we have bees to thank for them. Because of its natural sweetness and nutritional benefits, many people make sure they have some at home. Like many types of food, honey also comes in different variants—some of which are healthier than regular honey. One such variant is Jarrah honey.

Bees make jarrah honey from the Jarrah tree, which can only be found in Australia. It’s also a medicinal food, meaning it has medicinal properties that can help treat acne, diabetes, and many other diseases.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on Jarrah honey. Read on below to learn more.

More about Jarrah Honey

Compared with other kinds of medicinal honey, Jarrah honey has a higher microbial activity at 50%. Additionally, it also has low glucose yet high fructose content, meaning it contains minimal sugar. It has also been found to contain more levels of prebiotics, probiotics, and Butyric acid, which helps with digestion. 

As for its physical content, pure Jarrah honey is less likely to crystalise than most kinds of honey. It tastes similar to caramel and is dark gold in colour.

The benefits of Jarrah honey are as follows:

Is Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants help the body be healthier and honey, in general, contains a lot of them. However, the difference lies in the colour. The darker a kind of honey is, the more antioxidants it contains. Since Jarrah honey is darker than many kinds of honey, it’s safe to say that it’s full of antioxidants.

Because of its high antioxidant levels, Jarrah honey improves the skin through active skin cell renewal and enhances collagen and elastin production. On top of that, it’s also good for fighting acne.

Contains Low Concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide

Jarrah honey naturally contains enzymes that produce hydrogen peroxide. It acts as a “slow-release” antibacterial agent, which helps kill bacteria in the body. While generally known as dangerous, you shouldn’t worry because hydrogen peroxide in honey is minuscule.

Has Low Glucose,  High Fructose Content

Jarrah Honey contains approximately 52 per cent fructose, 22 per cent glucose, and 0.3 per cent sucrose. Because of this, anyone who consumes Jarrah honey gets to have more energy throughout the day. Since it’s high in fructose, it’s a good treatment for diabetes. 

Conversely, the tiny amount of glucose allows reduced insulin response from the body, which improves blood cholesterol levels that will come in handy as you age.

Promotes Better Stomach Health

As mentioned earlier, Jarrah honey contains butyric acid, which helps with digestion. Aside from that, the properties of Jarrah honey can also treat gastrointestinal conditions—like ulcers. It can also lower the risk of colon cancer.

Other Benefits of Jarrah Honey

  • Jarrah honey, when applied directly to conditions such as burns and scrapes, can help with healing.
  • Like most kinds of honey, Jarrah honey relieves sore throat.
  • Reduces the duration of diarrhea.
  • Treats symptoms of cough and cold.
  • It can be used as skincare when applied directly to the skin.


If you’re looking for alternative sweeteners, choosing Jarrah Honey will be a perfect choice. Its natural sweetness combined with various health benefits ensures that you’re enjoying it while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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