Why You Should Include Australian Honey in Your Diet

These days, the words raw, organic, authentic, and local have become powerful buzzwords. But anyone that's tried local and authentic goods can provide detailed testimonials about the actual value and worth of authentic local products. The reality is that they are more than just trends.

While these products may have only gained mainstream popularity now, other people have been using and consuming them for a long time. The benefits speak volumes. One of the many great products you can have in Australia is its local honey.

Most of the honey you find in grocery stores is not raw or unpasteurisedand. It contains either little or none of the original ingredients used to make it—promising nutrients and beneficial bacteria are either altered during the pasteurisation process or removed entirely. 

If you are looking for new products you'd like to add to your pantry, here are a few benefits when you buy Australian honey:

1. Packed with Antioxidants

If you are looking for a natural, sweet treat that is good for you, honey is the way to go. This natural sweetener contains a wealth of antioxidants and helps with your body's ability to fight off colds and infections.

2. Antibacterial Properties

Not only do antioxidants help your body fight off infections, but honey also has antibacterial properties. Honey with high levels of propolis and pollen can help heal minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Topical honey products like honey ointments and honey salves are for external use only and should never be ingested.

3. Delicious Food Additive

Honey is a versatile sweetener that can be used as an ingredient in cooking and baking. Australian honey is a perfect alternative to refined sugars in many recipes and can be added to savoury foods like chicken or fish.

4. Natural Energy Booster

When you feel like your energy levels are dropping, adding honey to your diet can help you get going naturally and healthily. Natural sugars in honey help you feel alert with a jolt of energy, without the crash and burn associated with too much caffeine.

5. Boosts Immune System

Australian honey contains many vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need to function correctly. One of the most important of these is vitamin C, which is essential to the immune system. It's been shown to help the body fight off colds and the flu.

6. Natural Painkiller

Try honey for sore throats, coughs and muscle aches and pains. This natural sweetener is a natural pain reliever and can soothe most types of throat discomfort. Honey is also anti-inflammatory and can help with arthritis pain. Several years ago, a study was conducted on people with rheumatoid arthritis, who found that the patients felt relief from their inflammation and pain after eating honey.

7. Topical Use

Honey is used topically to combat skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritations. It is an anti-inflammatory and cleanser and can improve your skin's appearance.

The Bottom Line

You can enjoy honey, and all of its benefits, by buying honey made locally in Australia. This way, you know exactly what's in it. Australian honey is a delicious option, whether you're looking for a new healthy snack or something to cook with.

It is packed with nutrients and also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that your body needs. It can be used topically to treat minor cuts, burns and skin conditions and can be added to food and beverages to get the energy and health boost you need.

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