Hidden Honey Gems You Should Start Buying and Trying Out

When it comes to sweets and desserts, honey has to be in the conversation. Dripped into beverages, on tops of baked goods such as beignets, and more, there are many varieties of this delicacy. It’s for good reason, though, as the popularity of the honey is likened to liquid gold or the ambrosia of the gods.

However, there are plenty of local and hidden gems in the honey market that you should probably start adding to your cart. Whether you’re keeping them as a keepsake, busting a jar out for any special occasion, or aspiring to become a bit of a honey enthusiast, explore now.

Here’s a short and sweet list to get you started on the honey jars you should purchase and try:

1) Jarrah Honey

Jarrah honey, which rightly comes from a Jarrah tree, is quite a premium variant of honey. Many revel in its natural healing properties, as well as the distinct sweetness that it provides. On top of that, there’s just quite a bit of demand due to rare supply. Attaining authentic and Australian Jarrah honey truly is like hitting the jackpot.

2) Macadamia Honey

Macadamia honey has a flavour reminiscent of the macadamia nuts used in other sweets, both produced from macadamia trees. This variation of honey contains plenty of health benefits thanks to all the minerals and amino acids that it has, which you can pretty much consider a liquefied superfood.

3) White Honey

White honey is just what you expect it to be, appearing like snow in colour. The hue isn’t the only appealing thing about this variant, though, as the flavour can be pretty phenomenal as well. Smooth, a little tart with just the right amount of texture that makes it tempting to eat on its own with a spoon.

4) Manuka Honey

Manuka honey in New Zealand has been considered both a treat and medicine, but often the latter more than the former. Its antibacterial properties have been ideal for fighting inflammation and other viruses, strengthening the immune system. The look of it is just scrumptious as well, projecting a classic or even darker amber.

5) Pitcairn Island Honey

Pitcairn Island houses some of the best and healthiest bees on the planet, which is why honey produced from there holds such a high reputation. Many would describe it as fruity and sweet, which makes sense as honeybees get their nectar from mango, passion fruit, and different flowers.

6) Leatherwood Honey

Leatherwood honey is quite prominent in Australia, specifically Tasmania on the west coast. Many beekeepers have been skilled in collecting and packing up this variant, which has been pretty much supporting Tasmania’s economy for quite a while now. The demand for these honey jars are quite high internationally as well, so it’d be wise to put an order in.

7) Elvish Honey

Turkish sweets are quite a delight, but so is Turkish honey. Elvish honey is one of the most expensive globally, with some even debating whether the price is worth it. Those who have tasted even an ounce of this rich liquid may just vouch that its taste, consistency and overall perks make it worth it.


There are so many honey jars for you to collect and try out, but take it a few at a time. Relishing in each spoonful would be a great souvenir and cabinet addition, and you can always accumulate these sweet jars.

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