A Bite Out of Facts About Organic Raw Honey

Honey is definitely one of nature’s sweetest gifts as it’s packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, along with an incredible flavour that can enhance a myriad of dishes. The thick, liquid gold is truly a gastronomic delight, but while honey is a common ingredient in any Australian household, not all know the difference between raw and regular honey. 

Regular honey undergoes plenty of processing, and its final, bottled form is what most people recognize when shopping for honey. The pasteurization and added sugars in the regular honey lower its health-boosting properties, but raw honey that comes straight from the bees’ honeycomb is the most optimal one for your overall wellness. 

If you’re still unsure whether raw versus regular honey has dramatic differences, let’s break down what makes organic raw honey extra special. 

What is Organic Raw Honey?

There are different types of bees, but out of all the species in the world, only honeybees can make real honey. The nectars collected from flowers are converted into simple sugars, which the honeybees store in the honeycomb. 

The sweet, thick liquid created by the honeybees are just like any other raw honey, but what makes it organic is that the pollen used to create the raw honey are organically grown. This means that the flowers or plants often visited by the honeybees are free from any chemical miticides. 

How is Organic Raw Honey Made?

Instead of processing, organic raw honey is made when the beekeepers harvest the raw honey and carefully remove any remaining particles like wax, dead bees, and more. What makes this harvesting method different is the sustainable practices used by the beekeepers, ensuring the safe removal of the raw honey without risking the lives of the hardworking honeybees. 

Organic raw honey makers also ensure that the hives and the flowers or plants the honeybees visit are free from any chemicals, pesticides, or even preventive medicines like antibiotics. Seeing as organic raw honey is made with unparalleled care to preserve its natural health-boosting qualities, you can expect the product to be top quality and eco-friendly to boot!

Why Does Raw Honey Differ in Taste, Colour, and Texture?

The types of flowers, plants, water level content and even weather, can make a difference on the honeybees’ honey, which is why you’ll often see different colours ranging from light to a dark amber hue. The health properties largely remain the same, though, so organic raw honey will still be an exceptional source of antioxidants, natural prebiotics, and antifungal properties no matter the colour or texture. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Wonders of Organic Raw Honey 

When shopping around for the best jar of honey in the market, it’s best to set your sights on 100 per cent organic raw honey. This is a sustainable choice that celebrates the wonders honeybees create, so you know you’re investing in honey makers who source their honey with exceptional care for the bees and the environment. 

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