5 Benefits of Raw Honey You've Probably Never Heard Of

Raw honey has been a common folk remedy for centuries and offers multiple health benefits and medicinal applications. It's even used as wound therapy in certain hospitals. 

That said, many of these health advantages are exclusive to raw or unpasteurised honey.

If you want to taste raw honey, our pure West Australian Jarrah honey, you're better off getting a sample from a reputable, local grower for convenience and cost reasons. 

Here are some of the health advantages of raw honey:

1. Raw Honey is an Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Raw honey contains various plant compounds that function as antioxidants. Some kinds of honey have the same amount of antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants protect your body from cells that cause free radical damage, which accelerate the aging process and lead to chronic health conditions like inflammatory disease, cataracts and cancer.

According to a study, polyphenols which are antioxidant molecules found in honey, have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

2. Honey Speeds Up Burn and Wound Healing

Honey has a complex chemical makeup with natural antibacterial properties that may be administered directly to wounds or incorporated into bandages. Honey has been used to cure wounds, swelling and burns for thousands of years, and there are numerous references to it in historical sources.

Honey was a standard wound treatment in ancient Egypt. Hippocrates, a Greek scientist, recorded it being used as a topical antiseptic to cure scars, eye ailments and even baldness - though there is no scientific evidence to support the latter.

3. Raw Honey Provides Allergy Relief

Consumers of local honey may see a significant reduction in their allergy symptoms over time. According to 2013 research, as little as one teaspoon of honey per day can give allergy relief and reduce allergic rhinitis — common allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing.

Raw honey includes pollen from nearby plants - the same species that cause many of us to suffer from seasonal allergies. Bees pollinate and create their honey only from local plants. They seldom go more than five kilometres from the hive to collect food, which is why allergy patients might gradually develop a natural immunity to certain species.

4. Raw Honey Helps Reduce Inflammation

Pollen is a powerful substance that's difficult to attain in significant amounts outside of raw honey. Pollen offers nutritional value by containing fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and amino acids. 

It has also been found to reduce inflammation, enhance liver function and perhaps prevent heart disease and stroke.

5. Improves Digestive Issues

Raw honey can give your digestive system a boost.

The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans were well aware of this and used raw honey to alleviate gastrointestinal problems. Probiotic bacteria and prebiotic carbohydrates are now known to be responsible for the gut microbial balance. 

Honey is thought to enhance the development and activity of probiotic bacteria, thereby increasing and maintaining a healthy level of gut microbiota.

Is Too Much Honey a Thing?

While honey offers several health advantages and is healthier than most sweeteners, it still contains high amounts of sugar and should be used in moderation.

People with diabetes, for example, should ask their physicians before consuming honey since doing so might spike their blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, though rare, some people may be allergic to bee pollen. If that's the case, honey ingestion can prove potentially dangerous and should be avoided.

Final Thoughts

If you want to reap the benefits of honey, make sure it's pure, raw and organic.

The advantages of raw honey surpass those of ordinary honey. Raw honey includes vitamins, minerals and enzymes that processed honey does not. 

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