What You Need to Know About Australia's Jarrah Honey

Honey is coveted all over the globe, but some truly make a name for themselves. Jarrah honey is one to grab the headlines when it comes to liquid gold, especially with the demand that comes from its reputation.  However, it’s not merely a trend or hype, as the love for Jarrah honey is pretty much here to stay.

Due to sparked curiosity, many wonder what Jarrah honey is and what exactly sets this Australian version of it apart from every other country. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about the Aussies’ Jarrah honey. 

What Is Jarrah Honey?

Jarrah honey is simply defined as a honey type that’s been produced from a Jarrah tree. Made in the western regions of Australia, Jarrah honey offers a sweet and succulent taste alongside some other special highlights that set it apart from the rest of the shelf.

Jarrah honey seems to rival quite a number of other honey types, specifically the famed Manuka honey from New Zealand. Although both have quite the set of benefits, Australia’s Jarrah has an edge in offering almost an amplified version of the advantages that NZ’s Manuka has to offer. 

How Can You Use Jarrah Honey?

Jarrah honey can still serve the same purpose that other jars of honey provide, which is to act as a superfood additive or a food sweetener. If you want a delicious glaze, jarrah honey is simply perfect in its overall taste.

Some people also double-purpose their Jarrah honey. Aside from putting it in a jar on your kitchen table, Jarah honey can also be placed in the medicinal cabinet. Many have utilised Jarrah honey for its healing properties, treating ulcers, skin grafts, burns, cuts and more.

How Is Jarrah Honey Unique?

One specific question that everyone might be wondering is the elements that make Jarrah honey so different from the rest of the worldwide selection. Here are a couple of things that Jarrah honey has to offer, completely confirming that it truly is worth the price tag and demand.

  • Anti-Oxidant Properties. One spoon of Jarrah honey can hold an incredible amount of anti-oxidants, ideal for human consumption and treatment. This liquid gold will aid you in your journey to renewing skin cells and fighting acne.
  • Antimicrobial Activity. Research shows that Jarrah honey contains plenty of natural enzymes that can help in healing. Consider stirring a spoon into your drink to make it into a super-charged liquid or turn it into a salve for pain relief.
  • Smooth Taste. Some other types of honey may be coarse or too dense, but Jarrah honey has this distinct smoothness to it. On top of all that, you can ensure that there’s no stark aftertaste but sweetness.
  • Healthy Fructose Levels. Finally, the fructose levels in Jarrah honey are much better than in other honey varieties. Paired with how low the glucose is, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating blood sugar levels immediately after intake. 
  • Conclusion

    In summary, the main point that Jarrah honey has to offer is how it can double purpose with improving the taste of your meals and desserts while ensuring that your health is still intact. In many cases, Jarrah honey can even improve your overall condition.

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